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Dog Art
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Blurry Thor Dexter
and half of Kodi Bear
Chulo & Roxxy
and there might have been a treat involved
Montana howls
Kodi Bear closeup Kodi Bear
happy and at attention
Kodi Bear
kills a stick
Kebler at attention
Fig and Kodi
and Kebler
Figment and Kodi
with Kelli at the park BBQ that had no grills
Figment Pieces of Stella and Fig
Stella Stella Stella Tugging Charlie
and his ball, lost in the toilet
at the beach
Larry mugs the camera Zero Abby
climbs "Mount Owner"
Ralphie lounges Ralphie is content Tonka barks
Lucky has a ball Zero chases Larry
Roxxy eats a stick Luna
pining for the fiords
in the grass
Sophia Urso
has a ball
Urso, Lady and Gala
Urso and Friends Muddy at home Muddy Muddy
Muddy Muddy Water Puppy Muddy Sleepy puppy Muddy
Kebler and puppy Muddy Muddy's head tilt Fig and his teeth Kebler the jungle dog
At Dave's house
for the Best In Show movie night
Urso and his new girlfriend
Pele from Hawaii. Lovely. Thanks Charles. ;)
(Heidi and Alex)
Chulo at attention Chulo Kodi in the dark Figment and Kebler
fighting over a stick in the Sierra Nevada mountains.
Great shot of Kebler Milo and Biscuit Milo and Urso Kodi and..

Photos courtesy:
David Madison
Charles Kramer (Urso/Luna)
Kelli Webster
Jimmy Walker
Jimmy Davidson
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